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Breaking the Cycle Consulting is your start-to-finish behavioral health accreditation consultant for The Joint Commission and CARF. We are your secret weapon!

Services We Provide

Joint Commission Accreditation Preparation

Accreditation preparation is possibly the single most important aspect of a successful and stress free accreditation survey.  This process takes your organization from application for survey to accreditation readiness. As your appointed accreditation coordinator, I review your:

  • Current business development processes,
  • Policies and procedures,
  • Quality measures,
  • Data outcomes, and
  • Clinical documentation identifying areas of strengths, risks and current level of standards compliance.

I also conduct an onsite facilities walk through which allows me to assess the current environment of care, life safety and emergency management protocols.

Lastly, an organizational corrective action plan is developed, assigning responsibility and continuous adherence through weekly offsite consultations until game day. Mid-way through our preparation, onsite mock survey is scheduled to determine evidence of standards compliance. A concise report highlighting the top priorities the organization must correct prior to survey is given.  If necessary, availability to be on-site during survey can be arranged.

Mock Survey

Let’s guarantee your success by conducting an on site survey simulation.  

A mock survey is an excellent opportunity for an agency to take a fresh look at their policies and procedures, quality improvement measures, dashboard data, medication management systems, health and safety, and supporting documentation for all of the above prior to a scheduled survey. Conducting a gap analysis will help us determine what is missing, your organization’s areas of risk, and exactly what we need to do to develop a game plan to accomplish compliance.    

Clinical Documentation Improvement and Training 

Ensuring documentation leads to correct coding and the necessary medical language in the medical record is vital for business revenue and sustainability. Proper documentation is necessary for complying with quality measures and insurance demands. Improving clinical documentation creates a real return on investment now and in the future. 

Continuous Quality Improvement and Training

Why burden your staff any further with ongoing and periodic documentation review, root cause analysis, and policy and procedures review when you can outsource it?

Continuous quality improvement and training initiatives are vital to the success of any business. Developing a quality improvement plan is only the first step. Continuous review, training and implementing initiatives related to documentation and utilization review processes completes the plan.

Although, implementing quality initiatives guarantees patient safety, and that best practices are conducted, this administrative task bogs down staff from generating revenue by diverting their time away from treating clients. Help your staff become revenue generators by outsourcing your quality management tasks. 

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Contact Laurie today to discuss your Joint Commission accreditation needs. Laurie is an experienced, knowledgeable behavioral health facility accreditation consultant. She can help you prepare so your facility can pass the first time.