"High-Reliability Health Care: Getting There from Here"

Laurie Reid is a Florida- and Georgia-licensed marriage and family therapist, certified addictions professional, and Joint Commission Accreditation Consultant.

Meet Laurie

As the CEO or Executive Director of a growing addiction treatment center, you may have numerous options for accreditation consultants. Few, however, are experienced clinicians with the level of experience I have specializing in substance abuse and addiction, and mental health treatment centers.

For more than a decade, I have been working in the field of behavioral health accreditation, including as the Director of Quality Management for one of the oldest, nationally acclaimed eating disorder treatment centers in the United States.

For the last two years, I have worked exclusively as an accreditation consultant, traveling throughout the country, and even abroad, to assist treatment centers in securing their Joint Commission accreditation.

My clients tell me they appreciate my team approach as it quickly puts their staff at ease and comfortable sharing details of even the most challenge issues they face. Complete transparency is the key to moving through the accreditation preparation process with ease, and to achieving optimal results. Knowing “I am on your side” is reassuring.

What’s more, I make the daunting task of accreditation fun, and a positive experience for everyone. If you are a CEO or Executive Director seeking Joint Commission accreditation, you will want to know more about how I can assist your organization achieve the most prestigious accreditation status, contact me today.

Laurie with clients at Innovation in Recovery Conference